2014 May

Showering Exposed at…

Showering Exposed at http://exposed-in-public.tumblr.com/


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Curvy Chick

I met my boyfriend online through a personals site. My profile was curvychick1981 and it took all my courage…(5 Pics In... Read More »


My boyfriend has always wanted me me to get some body piercings and…(2 Pics In... Read More »

My Daring Fiancee

These were taken on our trip to Crete and are of my fiancee trying to be topless on the beach for her very first…(8 Pics In... Read More »

Jane Topless on a Boat

During a boating holiday the weather was really hot and my girlfriend, Jane, was driving the boat. I dared…(1 Pic In... Read More »


These were taken in my boyfriend’s basement as his room is down here. The daring part was that his older brother was…(5 Pics In... Read More »

Happy Birthday Darren!

My boyfriend’s 29th birthday is coming up and I was hoping you could post this dare before…(1 Pic In... Read More »

Showing Boobs for Beads

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Naked and Wet at Beach

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Naked Dares

I DID 3 NAKED... Read More »

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